Benefits of Ducted Skirting

Ducted skirting is essential for the home. When properly installed, they offer the home owner quite a few benefits. Those benefits are as follows.

Future Proofing Your Home

With ducted skirting, you have the ability to improve the power flow to an area and this provision will meet the needs of your home. You can choose to add additional outlets if you desire to increase outlet availability and raise these outlets off the base of the wall.

Add Surge Protected Outlets without Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are unsightly and can restrict footpaths. With newer ducted skirting, your home can have RCD or Surge Protected outlets installed on the wall. This will allow you to cut back on the mounting blocks you need for your electronics.

Raise the Height of Your Outlets and Increase Options

Transforming plug tops are difficult to use on floor plugs. With a ducted skirting, you raise the outlet off the floor. This will allow you to easily use transforming plug tops for your electronics. It will also reduce the need to crouch down and plug items in as they become accessible at a more comfortable height for you.

Integrate All Your Electronic Needs in a Single Duct

Multiple channel ducts are available that allow you to better manage your power, voice and data from a single installation. This means you can have all the power you need for the electronics in your home. You can then utilize voice and data services and run it into a room with ease and without excessive wiring in the space. That makes this one of the best investments you can make for your home.

There are clearly a number of benefits associated with ducted skirting. Take the first steps and contact us today to install new duct work in your home. You’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more thanks to our professional installation.