Understanding Different Types of Skirting Ducts

Ducted skirting is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way to manage the cables in your office or commercial space. Easy to install, low profile, and versatile, ducted skirting can house your Ethernet cabling for internet access, telephone cables, and electrical lines. Modular systems mean that you can tailor an installation for your unique needs, so no matter what space you’re working with, there’s a solution available.

Ducted skirting comes in three main configuration options to help you optimise the space you have, with more efficient cable management.

Skirting Ducts

Skirting ducts are available in PVC and aluminium, and are offered with two different routing configurations. A simple option like the PCB21 skirting duct has two main channels for cable routing, along with a centre space for mounting an outlet box. For those with heavier demands, the C15050 has three routing channels. Both of these options are modular, and can be configured with corners, and single, double, or triple outlet plates.

Bench Ducts

Bench ducts can be mounted on a wall, or on a flat surface, and come with similar channel configurations to the regular skirting ducts. The ABD12535 is a versatile bench duct with two channels, and is made from powder coated aluminium. Bench ducts are easy to install and outlet kits don’t require covering. Grid plates used for outlets are standard pattern, and can accommodate data and electrical sockets.

Centrepoint Service Columns

Service columns allow you to route cables vertically up a wall or structural column. These columns are perfect for providing convenient access points, for routing cables to their point of origin, or for routing data cables to switches and routers. Like all ducted skirting, these columns are modular, and are available in different lengths, which helps to avoid wastage upon installation.

Professional installers will be able to engineer a flawless ducted skirting installation for your site. Whether you need typical skirting, bench ducts, or a combination of both with service columns, you will find the process to be fast, non-intrusive to your business, and affordable.

Take control of power and data distribution with clean and efficient ducted skirting boards.